Join today to become a member of the fastest-growing county bar association in Connecticut. You’ll enhance your professional and personal growth when you take advantage of all the resources and programs the MCBA has to offer.

Membership Requirements

The Applicant must, at the time of submission of this Membership Application, either:

  1. reside in; OR
  2. maintain a law office in; OR
  3. be employed within Middlesex County, Connecticut; OR AND
  4. licensed to practice law in the State of Connecticut, and in good standing.

Payment for Membership

Check or money order payable to Middlesex County Bar Association for membership payment.

DUES: (Please submit with application)

Licensed to practice law in the State of Connecticut for:

– Less than a year:

– More than one year, but less than 3 years:

– Three or more years:

– Seventy years of age or older:

– More than one year, but joining between Jan 1st & June 30th

Exempt through June 30th of this Association Year



Exempt commencing July 1st of the 70th year

$55.00 for the remainder of this Association Year

Please Return To:

Meghann E. LaFountain, Esq.
Treasurer, Middlesex County Bar Association, Inc.
c/o Meghann E. LaFountain, Esq

LaFountain Immigration Law, LLC
100 Riverview Center, Suite 280
Middletown CT 06457